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  • Okamoto
  • Okamoto Oni-Atsu Heat Pad 10pcs

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    Okamoto Oni-Atsu Heat Pad (10pcs)

    Using high-quality and high-grade raw materials, the far infrared rays can help to transfer heat faster and more evenly to the whole body.

    Product Features:
    • Selection of high-quality and high-grade raw materials: using far infrared rays and adding natural minerals.
    • Patented material Purge®: enables the warm patch to naturally release far-infrared rays, which help to transfer heat to the body faster and more evenly. Help to keep the body warm.
    • Warm pad can maintain above 40℃ for 12 hours, with an average temperature of 61℃ and a maximum of 79℃
    • Beware of high temperature.
    • Size:13cm x 9.5cm