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  • DERMAL SHOP Foot Peeling Mask

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    Dermal Shop Foot Peeling Mask (1 pair)

    Refreshing and comfortable feet care experience! Enriched with various skincare ingredients, feet skin barrier is strengthened with softened dead skin and impurities removed, leaving feet dewy, soft and smooth.

    Product Features¡G
    • AHA, BHA, PHA and water-soluble ingredients effectively soften, remove dead skin and impurities, nourishing to reveal smooth and refined feet.
    • The addition of collagen, ceramide and botanical extracts nourishes feet with moisture and care.
    • Allantoin is added to soothe and repair feet, increasing skin moisture and elasticity to create smooth skin.

    • AHA, BHA, PHA and Water-Soluble Ingredients : Softening and removing impurities
    • Collagen, Ceramide and Botanical Extracts : Hydrating and retaining moisture, moisturizing
    • Allantoin : Soothing, repairing, softening skin

    How to use:
    Wash and dry feet with warm water, wear peeling mask, wait for 60 - 90 mins then remove. Impurities fall off naturally in 3 - 7 days.