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  • EAORON Ultimate Brightening Mask 5piece

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    Eaoron Ultimate Brightening Mask (5 pcs)

    Eaoron Ultimate Brightening Mask designed with brand exclusive double membrane technology and multiple precious skincare essences. It can brighten and retain moisture for skin while boosting the absorption of nutrients, making the skin hydrated and radiant.

    Product features:
    • Brand exclusive brightening essence infused with Royal Jelly that can brighten skin and resist oxidation. Enriched with Tea Tree, Magnolia, Polygonatum, Chlorella, Calendula, Centella Asiatica and Pansy Natural Extracts, it helps create delicate. moisturized and translucent skin.
    • Contains Multiple moisturizing ingredients that can moisturize skin and lock in moisture for watery and radiant complexion.
    • Designed with honeycomb micro-nest double membrane technology, brand-developed BRW membrane can improve the absorption rate of essence and purify your skin out of dirt, penetrating the essence deep into your skin barrier.

    • Royal Jelly: antioxidation and brightening skin
    • Multiple moisturizing ingredients: moisturizing, lock in moisture and nourishing skin
    • Tea Tree, Magnolia, Polygonatum, Chlorella, Calendula, Centella Asiatica, Pansy Natural Extracts: Making skin more delicate and radiant