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  • NUTRIONELIFE Lutein Zeaxanthin 164 Formula 30capsules

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    Nutrione Life Lutein Zeaxanthin 164 Formula (30 capsules)

    Korea's popular eye care formula with 7 kinds of complex ingredients and 16:4 golden ratio of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, can benefit your eye health and vision.

    Product features:
    • Lutein, extracted from marigold, creates a protective layer for the eyes to help filter UV and blue light, protecting vision and eye health, while zeaxanthin reduces the risk of protein degeneration and cataracts and helps maintain protein pigment density.
    • Contains 600mg Omega 3 that can increase blood circulation and improve dry eyes. Combined with zinc, it helps maintain the body's normal immune function.
    • Especially suitable for those who were worried about the aging of the eyes and supply of nutrition, those who work on computers and smartphones for a long time with dim and blurry eyes and those drive for a long time and often drive at night.