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  • DR.CI-LABO Super White 377VC Serum 18g

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    Dr. Ci:Labo Super White 377VC Serum (18g)

    Signature and original ingredient of DR.CI-LABO, W377 works with VC APPS for whitening and brightening skin, leaving a glowing complexion.

    Product features:
    • With a high concentration of DR.CI-LABO signature ingredient W377, it can reduce dark spots and melanin. This essence can penetrate to the bottom of skin, brightening skin from the inside to the outside.
    • Added with plum fruit extract and fullerenes, it helps skin resist maillard reaction and aging skin, rejuvenating your silky and smooth skin.
    • Contains centella asiatica and brand signature moisturizing ingredients that maintain the skin's stable state, soothe the sensitive discomfort, moisturize and strengthen the skin.

    Ingredients :
    • W377 and VC APPS: reducing dark spots and brightening skin
    • Plum fruit extract and fullerenes: resisting maillard reaction and anti-aging
    • Centella asiatica and brand signature moisturizing ingredients: moisturizing, soothing and stabilizing skin

    How to use:
    Usage for brightening whole face:
    Step1: Take two pumps on palm, evenly apply on cheeks, forehead, tip of nose, chin and neck.
    Step2: Upwardly spread the serum for the whole face.
    Step3: Massage with fingertips to help absorb.

    Usage for dark spots:
    Step1: Take the serum on fingertips.
    Step2: Press the dots and marks until fully absorbed.