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  • KERASTASE Youth Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml

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    Kerastase Youth Revitalizing Shampoo (250ml)

    Enriched with selected precious ingredients and moisturizing compound essence, this shampoo can gently wash away the dirt and effectively enhance the gloss of the hair,leaving hair hydrated and smooth!

    Product features:
    • Enriched with precious ingredients, it can clean hair and scalp while strengthening hair, improving dryness, detangling, and making the hair soft and easy to comb.
    • Formulated with moisturizing compound essence and vitamin E, it can give deep nourishment while resisting pollution, leaving hair soft, smooth and supple.
    • The floral fragrance is rich in layers that helps take away the odor, leaving hair with a charming floral smell.
    • Refreshing texture and dense foam helps gently wash hair and scalp with care.

    • Moisturizing compound essence: nourishing and revitalizing