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Allie SPF50+Pa++++ Tone Up UV #02 Rose Chaire 60G

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Allie SPF50+PA++++ TONE UP UV (#02 Rose Chaire) (60g)

This SPF50+PA++++ sunscreen can create a translucent finish for skin and be used as a makeup base with rubbing resistance and long-lasting effect. The bright rose color tone drives away dullness with high brightness. Becoming your all-time favorite product!

Product features:
• Bright rose soften complexion and leaves skin brightened a tone with a lustrous finish, hiding the pores.
• Resistant to perspiration, water and friction in daily life while preventing smudging on mask and towel.
• Non-sticky and silky texture can be blended on skin smoothly. Enriched with sodium hyaluronate, it brings nourishment and moisturization to skin with a rose and geranium scent.
• Preventing small particle adhesion such as dust, dirt, PM2.5 and pollen and making it less likely to clog pores. It can be used as a makeup base, creating a durable and delicate finish.
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• Sodium hyaluronate: Nourishing and moisturizing

How to use:
Evenly apply on skin after skin care routine.

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