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  • CHRISTIAN LAURENT Luxury Growth Lash Serum 10ml

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    Christian Laurent Luxury Growth Lash Serum (10ml)

    New Secret Tips for Eyelashes Growth!Christian Laurent’s innovation combines eyelashes primer and eyelashes serum, serving dual purposes to boost growth and volume for an attractive look.

    Product Features:
    • Facilitated Growth : Core active ingredients Widelash TM and Biotin (vitamin H) contain sulphur molecules for forming Keratin – part of natural material of hair to facilitate growth.
    • Strengthening and nourishing : Concentrated formula strengthens and nourishes lashes simultaneously. Frequent application fosters visibly thickened, lengthened lashes with enhanced toughness to prevent falling. Applying as a lash primer boosts lasting make-up.
    • Conditioning : With the addition of various conditioning ingredient including hydrolysed soy protein to increase softness and lustre; vitamin E to nourish and anti-oxidises; bee wax and Carnauba wax to protect lashes’ condition and D-Penthenol to hydrates and improve lustre. Delicate brush made with balsam ensures even and precise coverage even of the shortest lashes for strengthened, lengthened, hydrated and glossy finish.

    • Widelash TM, Biotin : Facilitating Growth
    • Hydrolysed Soy Protein : Softening
    • Vitamin E : Nourishing and anti-oxidising
    • Bee wax and Carnauba Wax: Protecting eyelashes
    • D-Penthenol : Hydrating and Enhancing glow

    How to use:
    1) Lash Primer:Apply onto dry and cleansed lashes from root to tip in zigzag motion; then apply mascara in the same manner.
    2) Lash Serum:Apply onto dry and cleansed lashes every night before bed.