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  • SANA
  • Soy Milk Wrinkle Night Cream 50g

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    Sana Soy Milk Wrinkle Night Cream (50g)

    Enriched with pure vitamin C, fermented soybean milk and double retinols, skin is moisturised and nourished with noticeable effects on firming skin and softening fine lines!

    Product Features:
    • Triple Moisture Sealing: soy isoflavones, soybean protein and essence from fermented soybean milk moisturise skin and locks in moistures, nourishing and firming skin.
    • Fighting Fine Lines: pure vitamin C facilitates the regeneration of collagen for plumping and firming skin, coupled with double retinols to relieve skin dryness, producing firm and bouncy skin!
    • Non-stickiness: added with night mask formula, cream is quickly absorbed and good for wearing while asleep, restoring skin all night long!

    Ingredients :
    • Vitamin C: stimulates regeneration of collagen, firms skin and soften fine lines
    • Fermented Soybean Milk: moisturises and seals moistures
    • Double Retinols: long-time firms skin and fights against wrinkles
    • Sleeping Mask Formula : night-time repairs