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  • JAPAN GALS Fruits Green Juice with Enzyme 24pcs

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    Japan Gals Fruits Green Juice with Enzyme (24PCS)

    The blend of barley young leaves and enzymes is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are important to body health. With refreshing favour, this individual packaged supplement can be carried and consumed at anytime and anywhere.

    Product Features:
    • Improving digestive environment: the barley young leaf extract is with low calories and helpful to maintain suitable pH and health of digestive system.
    • Promoting body metabolism: the 139 enzymes are extracted from sources, such as orange, kiwi and banana, helping to replenish body with vitamins and minerals, promoting body general health.
    • Convenient consumption: this hygienic individual packaging is easy to store and carry

    • Barley Young Leaves: helping to improve digestive environment
    • 139 Enzymes: promoting appropriate body pH