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  • 50 MEGUMI
  • Men Anti-Hairloss Shampoo 350ml

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    【50 Megumi Men Anti-Hairloss Shampoo 350ml】

    50 Hui Men's Hair Nourishing Series, developed by the Japan Rhoton Pharmaceutical Research Center for men's hair loss, extracts 50 precious hair nourishing ingredients which can play 4 major hair growth effects in different periods of hair growth and strengthen hair roots. Reduce hair loss, improve thinning and restore thickness.

    Product Features :
    ● Prevent hair loss and make hair thicker
    ● Wash away excess hair oil and fat, leaving hair roots refreshed
    ● The formula does not contain allergenic preservatives MIT/CMIT, which is gentle and clean without hurting the scalp
    ● With the cooling peppermint, it is more effective to wash away the hair oil and fat, so that the hair roots are refreshed and refreshed, preventing the hair follicles from being blocked by excess oil and no more sticky feeling.

    How To Use:
    After rinsing the hair, take an appropriate amount on the hand, massage the scalp with fingertips, and then wash the hair thoroughly.