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  • Dr.G Brightening Peeling Set 3pcs

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    Dr.G Brightening Peeling Set (3pcs)

    This set includes two pieces of brightening peeling gel and clear soothing cream trial pack, rejuvenating and brightening skin for a watery and comfortable feel on skin.

    Set included:

    Brightening Peeling Gel (120ml+60ml)
    Formulated with plant-based, it is safe and suitable for sensitive skin. Gently rejuvenates the skin, improves roughness, and unblocks pores for a brighter and smoother complexion.

    Product features:
    • Selected botanical extracts, including alcea rosea, seaweed and honey, help soothe and hydrate the skin.
    • Included willow bark extract helps soften keratin and skin exfoliation by gently rubbing the gel on skin, helping the absorption of following skin care products.
    • Containing vitamins C and E, it helps brighten skin, increase elasticity, and restore skin's smoothness and luster.
    • It can replenish moisture and improve the roughness with cool texture, leaving a delicate and soft skin.

    Dermoisture Barrier D Lotion (2ml)


    Brightening Peeling Gel
    • Alcea rosea, extracts of seaweed and honey: Soothing and moisturizing
    • Willow bark extract: Exfoliating
    • Vitamin C and E: brightening skin and increasing elasticity