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BANILA CO. Prime Primer Classic 30ml

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Banila Co Prime Primer Classic (30ml)

Utilising Miniporyl™ and PorePare™ technology to balance water and oil, pores are minimised to earn your love at first use!

Product Features :
• Miniporyl™ pore reducing ingredient prevents pores from enlarging and clears excessive sebum, creating smooth and glowing skin.
• PorePare™ technology helps reduce pores and balance water and oil, boosting skin condition. Skin tone is softened with blemishes concealed to create fine skin.
• Watery texture softly and lightly fits on skin without caking, releasing floral scent when spread for a joyful makeup experience.

• Miniporyl™ : Prevent pores from enlarging, clearing excessive sebum • PorePare™ : Reducing pores, balancing water and oil, boosting skin condition

How to use:
After basic skincare, apply evenly on face before makeup.