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  • Neuro Solution iTALK Concentrate 50ml

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    Suisse Programme Neuro Solution iTALK Concentrate (50ml)

    Restore the healthy and supple skin with the Suisse Programme Neuro Solution iTALK Concentrate. Enriched with NeuroGuard, VitaFreeze, VitaGenesis White and Bio-mimetic Film Former, this Concentrate builds a natural barrier on the skin surface to prevent aging of neurons, maintain skin firmness and suppleness, and even skin tone. Leaves skin regain its elasticity and radiant.

    Product Features:
     Firming and smoothing: NeuroGuard rejuvenates the fibrin of dermis and VitaGenesis White promotes collagen IV synthesis, effectively make skin firmer and smoother.
     Anti-oxidant: VitaFreeze promotes DNA to repair and anti-oxidant.
     Anti-wrinkle and brightening: Bio-mimetic Film Former ‘s anti-wrinkle and brightening effects help to smooth out fine lines and even skin tone.

     NeuroGuard: Rejuvenates the fibrin of dermis, firming.  VitaFreeze: Anti-oxidant, promotes DNA to repair, maintains water and oil balance, promotes collagen I, III and elastin synthesis, enhances skin elasticity.  VitaGenesis White: Even skin tone, promotes collagen IV synthesis.  Bio-mimetic Film Former: Anti-wrinkles, brighten skin tone.

    How To Use:
    Apply every morning and evening onto cleansed face and neck. Massage gently until completely absorbed.