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  • Facial Wash Perfect Scrub 130g

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    Gatsby Facial Wash Perfect Scrub (130g)
    Removing sebum and dirt from skin surface and pores with this all-round face scrub! Dryness, excessive sebum and blemishes are reduced with this perfect scrub.

    Product Features:
    ● Different sizes of the scrubbing particles: the large ones help to remove dull skin cells on skin surface, while the small ones help to remove impurities in the pores.
    ● Oil-dissolving: excessive sebum is removed with the oil-dissolving agents, preventing pore clogging and blemishes forming.
    ● Pleasant scent: the citrus aroma is refreshing, leaving skin icy and tight after washing.

    ● Large and small power scrubs: exfoliating
    ● Oil dissolving ingredient: removing excessive sebum