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  • FANCL Multiple Vitamin 30 tablets

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    Fancl Multiple Vitamin (30 tablets)

    Daily essence required is designed on balanced nutrients to fight tiredness and keep body healthyĄI

    Product Features :
    • Through nutrients balancing design, each tablet contains 12 types of vitamins to replenish daily needs and boost immunity.
    • The addition of vine tea polyphenol and co-enzyme Q10 provides anti-oxidising properties and boosts vitamin absorption for a vitalized and youthful appearance.
    • Spots, wrinkles and other skin issues are cared for from with, soothing fatigue and maintaining energy.

    Ingredients :
    • Vine Tea Polyphenol, Co-enzyme Q10ĄGAnti-oxidisng, vitalising

    How To Use:
    Recommended one tablet taken after meal.