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    The latest BSC.PRO 2X Spots Killer is added with the most effective ingredient for whitening and anti-oxidation: Highly-concentrated pomegranate essence. The essence contains peel extract, which provides more polyphenol when compared to the flesh of the fruit. This key element provides dual effect — whitening (plus eliminating yellowish skin tone) and anti-oxidation — by neutralizing copper ion and suppressing the action of tyrosinase. Hence production of melanin is restrained, resulting in white and flawless skin that turns you into an angel!

    Real Case Study(*): Dark spots successfully whitened by 70%!
    Ms Ng used “2X Spots Killer” for three months strictly according to the instructions provided by BSC.PRO. At the end, she successfully whitened her dark spots by 70%( Trial by personal feelings). Her old yellowish skin tone is also gone and now she looks brighter and whiter in general.

    Major Effects:
    ◎Suppresses melanin-producing cells; beats stubborn spots.
    ◎Effectively eliminates free radicals and yellowish skin tone.
    ◎Refines dull skin tone; restores whiteness and brightness.

    Additional Effects:
    ◎Promotes metabolism of skin.
    ◎Prevents moisture loss from skin.

    Ingredients :
    Highly-concentrated Pomegranate Essence (contains peel extract), Water-soluble Pearl Powder, Rosehip Extract, Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Water. ^Contain Soyabean.

    Highly-concentrated Pomegranate Essence (contains peel extract) Provides powerful spot refining effect: an ingredient that is rich in anti-oxidant; the ellagic acid of which can suppress accumulation of melanin.

    Water-soluble Pearl Powder
    Improves yellowish skin: the microelement of which can promote the increase of SOD and improve skin tone by combating free radicals.

    Rosehip Extract
    Provides powerful whitening effect: its extremely high vitamin C content can restore the brightness and whiteness of skin.