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L'OCCITANE Shea Hand Cream Trio Set 3pcs

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L'occitane Shea Hand Cream Trio Set (3pcs)

The set contains a variety of the bestselling moisturizing hand creams, nourishing your hands in all sorts of needs, which is perfect as a gift of personal usage.

Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)

Enriched with 20% Shea Butter extract and blended with honey extract, almond extract and coconut oil extract, this hand cream penetrates quickly to nourish and moisturize your hands. The rich texture is rapidly absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily traces.

Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel (30ml)

Enriched with Verbena extract, Mint extract and Thyme essential oil extract, this unique cream gel formula penetrates instantly and reduces perspiration, by leaving a soft, powder finish on hands. It leaves hands soft, refreshed and a fresh scent of Verbena.

Almond Hands Cream (30ml)

Enriched with almond milk extract and almond oil extract, this silky-smooth cream helps to nourish and soften the hands while enveloping them with the subtle and mouthwatering scent of fresh almonds.

Shea Butter Hand Cream
• Shea Butter, Honey, Almond Extract, Coconut Oil: nourishing dry and delicate skin

Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel
• Verbena Extract, Mint Extract, Thyme Essential Oil: soothing and repairing

Almond Hand Cream
•Almond Milk Extract, Almond Oil: tightening and smoothening

How to use:
After cleaning hands or anytime. Take a small amount on palm and massage from fingertips to wrist gently to absorb. Apply repeatedly if needed.