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CHANELLE MEDICAL Amorolfine 0.05 W/V Nail Lacquer 2.5ml

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Chanelle Medical Amorolfine 5% W/V Nail Lacquer (2.5ml)

Design by Japan developed carbonation technology , which have deep relaxation for the feet with Lavender-mint formula. It can refreshing feeling lasts about 6 hours. Drug-Free, sticky and affix firmly on feet, and is comfortable to wear. Suitable for people who stand for a long time after exercise or often wear high heels.

Product Features:
• With 5% W / V Amorolfine Medicated Nail Lacquer, it can quickly penetrate into the affected part of the bed, and the clinical confirmation of the pharmacokinetics effective to kill gray alarm and skin sputum.
• Effectively treat fungi, nail / toenail (grayl / diprodiaro).
• Apply once a week, quickly dry and easy to use.
• Contains 2.5 ml bottles of anti-polica oil, 30 pieces of disinfectant alcohol cotton, 30 nail files and 10 coated sticks.

How to use:
1. File down the infected areas of nail, including the nail surface.
2. Use one of the swabs provided (or nail varnish remover) to lean the nail surface.
3. Apply the lacquer evenly over the entire surface of the nail. Let the treated nails fry or approximately 2 minutes.