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  • SUISKIN Vegan Pine Leaf Cream 50ml

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    Suiskin Pine Leaf Vegan Cream (50ml)

    Vegan formula with 78% pine leaf extract and hydrating ingredients effectively soothe and repair skin, nourishing from within and locking in abundant moisture and nutrients to create bouncy and dewy skin!

    Product Features :
    • 78% pine leaf extract helps repair skin, effectively nourishing into deep layers to reveal bouncy and dewy skin.
    • Added with pine tree essential oil and bark extract with support from hydrating ingredients, superior anti-oxidising properties and repairing ability strengthen barrier and enhance hydration, brightening sand radiating skin from within.
    • Ice-cream texture is creamy and non-greasy. Passed skin test with low pH value offers a skin-friendly and comfortable experience.

    • 78% Pine Leaf Extract : Moisturising, repairing
    • Pine Tree Essential Oil, Pine Tree Bark Extract, Hydrating Ingredients : Hydrating, repairing, strengthening barrier.

    How to use:
    Take an appropriate amount and apply on entire face after cleansing and toning, gently massage to absorb.