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MISE EN SCENE Hair & Scalp Rinse 750 ml

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Mise en Scene Hair & Scalp Rinse(750ml)

Mise en Scene Hair & Scalp Damage Shampoo is infused with natural essences that can replenish nutrients for hair, improving soft and sagging hair for a fluffy and volume finish!

Product features:
• Enriched with tea tree and shea butter extract, it can deeply nourish for supple and shiny hair.
• It can penetrate nutrients into the hair quickly, nourishing hair effectively.
• It has rich and caring power, making hair look more fluffy and shiny. Improve problems such as soft and sagging hair.

• Tea Tree, Shea Butter Extract: nourishing hair

How to use:
After washing hair, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner to the middle and ends of the hair, leave it for three minutes, and then rinse with water.