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JMSOLUTION Cordyceps Militaris Mask 10pcs

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JMsolution Cordyceps Militaris Mask (10pcs)

Rich essence containing botanical extracts with abundant nutrients hydrates and repair skin to radiate skin!

Product Features :
Botanical extracts rich in amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients help firm skin, boost skin vitality and evoke radiance.
Crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate and 3 types of peptides protect delicate skin barrier and improve roughness, dryness and other conditions to reveal refined skin.
High concentration of mask essence provides superior hydration effect to smooth, plump skin for a dewy and supple look.

Botanical Extracts : Firming, vitalizing
Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate and 3 Types of Peptides : Strengthening barrier, improving dryness

How to use:
Apply mask on entire face after cleansing, leave on for 15 mins and then remove mask. Use fingertips to gently massage remaining essence on face to absorb. Do not need to rinse.