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RYO DEEP Cleansing & Cooling Conditioner 550ml

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RYO Deep Cleansing & Cooling Conditioner (550ml)

5 patented ingredients mix with 5 green plant-derived extracts helps cleanse scalp, balancing oil to create fresh and light hair.

Product Features :
• Cleansing particles from 5 patented ingredients deeply cleanse scalp and hair strands, balancing sebum and nourishing hair root to energise hair.
• 5 green plant-derived ingredients including mint,pine needle, etc. help thoroghly cleanse scalp, removing dandruff and odor.
• Mild formula without controversial ingredients paired with shampoo and conditioner easily create lightweight and fresh hair.

• 5 Patented Ingredients : Deep cleansing and balancing oil
• 5 Green Scalp cleansing, improving scalp condition, eliminating dandruff and odor.

How to use:
Apply conditioner evenly from mid-length hair to ends, leave on for 2-3 mins then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

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