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  • SNP Peptaronic Eye Cream 50ml

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    SNP Peptaronic Eye Cream (50ml)

    Multipurpose eye cream is suitable for different areas including neck, forehead, etc.. Specially designed peptide formula plus 5 types of hydrating ingredients effectively improve fine lines, tighten eye area with moisture, creating bright and attractive eyes.

    Product Features :
    • Specially developed peptide formula including 6 types of peptides facilitates collagen synthesis and increases elasticity, improving dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, etc.
    • Rich in 5 types of calming and hydrating ingredients, moisturizing ingredients in various sizes replenish and retain abundant moisture in skin, plumping eye area.
    • Multipurpose for neck, forehead and other areas helps tighten fine lines, smooth and plum skin.

    • Specially Developed Peptide Formula : Promoting collagen synthesis, increasing elasticity
    • 5 Types of Hydrating Ingredients : Hydrating, retaining moisture

    How to use:
    Take an appropriate amount and apply around eye area after cleansing, massage with fingertips to absorb.