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  • CELL FUSION C Cooling And Pharrier Mask Kit 3pcs

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    Cell Fusion D Cooling And Pharrier Mask Kit (3pcs)

    Mask Kit includes:

    Cell Fusion C First Cooling Mask (1pc)
    Choice for the scorching summer instantly lowers temperature and freshens up after use, balancing skin condition to return to healthy and dewy state.

    Product Features ĄG
    • Passing test to lower skin temperature, aqua gel texture essence instantly lowers temperature by 5 degrees, leaving a cooling sensation.
    • To soothe discomfort from long-time wearing facial masks, vitamin B5 abundantly hydrates dry skin as a must-have after sun exposure during outdoor activities (hiking, beach).
    • Passing skin safety test, menthol-free formula does not stimulate skin, pairing with chamomile and Pycnogenol essence to soothe redness and discomfort.

    Cell Fusion C Cica Cooling Mask (1pc)
    High concentration of centella asiatica essence soothes and repairs skin while lowering skin temperature. Moisture is replenished to skin and retained.

    Product Features :
    • Lightweight essence formula carries 27g essence in one piece of face mask, full of nutrients to nourish skin.
    • Rich in centella asiatica essence strengthens protective layer on skin, repairs fragile skin and hydrates. Redness and itchiness are alleviated amid boosted defense.
    • Menthol-free cooling formula passes skin test to provide cooling sensation. Skin temperature is lowered after use, friendly to fragile skin.
    • Centella asiatica-made mask sheet fits on skin contour comfortably and closely, carrying much more essence for speedy absorption to deep layer of skin and hydration.

    Cell Fusion C Low pH pharrier mask (25g x1pc)
    Non-irratating weakly acidic pH value hydrates and moisturises skin, reinforcing barrier to care for sensitive and fragile skin, revealing energetic glow.

    Product Features ĄG
    • pHarrierTM improves skin pH value, forming a weakly acidic skin barrier, especially suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.
    • The addition of hydrating ingredient, vitamin B5 moisturises and conditions skin cuticles, creating soft and nourished bare skin.
    • Ceramide facilitates the constructing of skin barrier, protecting skin condition to improve dryness for a translucent and dewy complexion.

    Common Ingredients :
    • Moisturising Ingredients : Hydrating and moisturising