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  • Fish Oil-1000 400capsules

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    Blackmores Fish Oil 1000 (400 Capsules)

    Selected quality omega-3 liver oil protects heart, eyes and brain, with rapidly absorbed rTG fish oil for healthy body to embrace energetic day.

    Product Features:
    • Golden ratio of omega-3 to DHA+EPA to care for eye and brain function, removing body waste; rTG fish brings nutrients to body and facilitate their fast absorption.
    • Sourcing from selected quality water areas for deep-sea small fish rich in DHA+EPA.
    • 30 testing procedures to ensure strict compliance to high standard that no harmful residues remained.

    • DHA+EPA: maintain eye and brain health, remove body waste
    • rTG Fish Oil: fast absorption and nourishing

    How to use:
    For heart, skin and general health: 2 capsules daily
    For brain and eye function : adult:3 capsules daily
    For children’s growth:
    • Teenagers and children of 1 year-old and above: 2 capsules daily (squeeze and mix with dairy products, juice or cereals)
    • Age below 1: only as prescribed