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ARGYI HEALTH Workshop 3D Moxibustion Foot Patch 12pcs

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Argyi Health Workshop 3D Moxibustion Foot Patch (12PCS)

Made with traditional herbal formula, these patches with Sweet Wormwood and Saffron Extract are good to remove excess water and boost circulation.

Product Features:
• Multiple health effects: with Sweet Wormwood, Saffron Extract, Ginger, this foot patch help to boost metabolism, remove excess water and waste from body. It also helps improving sleeping quality and reducing tiredness.
• Traditional herbal formula: free from preservatives and steroid, this foot patches are made with traditional formula and good for health.
• Suitable group: it is especially suitable for people with tiring and slow metabolism to improve health.

• Sweet Wormwood, Saffron Extract, Ginger: removing excess water and waste from body

How to use:
Stick the patches under the feet once a day after work or at night. Hot bathing for feet for 10-15 minutes. Wipe dry and stick on feet for 6-8 hours.