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  • Longboots Fitting Pack 1 Pair

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    Kocostar Longboots Fitting Pack (1 Pair)

    This foot moisture pack containing mint extracts, Bulgarian rose water and purlin, to soften, soothe and relax legs, shaping and firming a pair of beautiful legs.

    Product Features:
    • Nourishing: With Bulgarian rose water, purlin and shea butter, this moisture pack softens and nourishes foot for a smooth and supple condition.
    • Relaxing and firming: This pack helps to effectively relax and firm your legs with 3 mint extracts which are mint, mentha suaveolens and mentha spicata.
    • Easy application: The sock-like foot masks are attached with 3 sealing tapes to fix in place. With this special material, the essence penetrates to skin for a refreshing and smoothening effect.

    Ingredients :
    • Bulgarian Rose Water, Purlin, Shea Butter: softening and nourishing legs
    • 3 Mint Extracts: relaxing legs from tiredness and stress