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  • Fruits Green Juice with Enzyme 24PCS

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    Japan Gals Fruits Green Juice with Enzyme (24PCS)

    The blend of fruit and vegetable ingredients is not only flavorsome, but also helpful in boosting metabolism and detoxification, which is a healthy supplement to take everyday.

    Product Features:
    • Replenishing nutrients: formulated with different vegetable and fruit enzymes, this supplement helps to replenish minerals and trace elements to body for maintaining body health.
    • Help with digestion: with rich fiber and vitamins, this supplement helps to balance pH of digestive system and promote detoxification, which are helpful in weight control and slimming.
    • Thoughtful design: with individual packaging, this supplement can be consumed at anytime and anywhere.

    Ingredients :
    • Vegetable and Fruit Enzymes: replenishing nutrients

    How to use:
    One pack a day.