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  • Rosy Pomegranate Purify Mask 10pcs

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    Coscodi Rosy Pomegranate Purify Mask (10PCS)

    Containing ample red light energy from pomegranate. Pomegranate extract and aloe vera extract from nature help to create bouncier complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Brightening: the pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins in red pomegranate are antioxidant and preventing free radical damage to skin; it is more effective in promoting skin metabolism and tackling skin dullness.
    • Nourishing: added aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and soothe the skin, this mask helps to improve skin that has become loose due to lack of water.
    • Anti-aging: containing a variety of vitamins which can help promote the regeneration of cells, it promote anti-aging effects and smooth complexion.

    Ingredients :
    • Punica Granatum Fruit Extract : Powerful skin care with 10000ppm amount of pomegranate extract • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract : Strengthens the moisture barrier of skin
    • Hydrolyzed Collagen : Skin elasticity
    • Vitamin E: Provides skin nutrition