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  • IPSA
  • Metabolizer - 6 175ml

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    IPSA Metabolizer - 6 (175ml)

    The bestselling emulsion of the brand! No.6 is specially designed for oily but dry skin for improving dullness and dryness, leaving skin dewy and translucent.

    Product Features:
    • Brightening: formulated with 4MSK, skin is promoted with radiance and revealing translucency.
    • Nourishing: enriched with honey, skin is replenished with moisture and nutrients for a supple and soothed complexion.
    • Balancing and revitalizing skin: it helps to recharge oxygen into skin and balance skin condition for a resilient and revitalized complexion.
    Ingredients :
    • Honey: revitalizing skin
    • 4MSK: brightening
    • Black Lily Extract, Cinnamon Bark: anti-oxidant