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  • MCT Green Latte Enzyme Powder 8pcs

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    Simply MCT Green Latte Enzyme Powder (15g x 8)

    This green latte is rich in flavorful vanilla, enriched with MCT Bulletproof formula and 222 types of fruit and vegetable enzymes to balance intestinal environment. Brew a cup conveniently in 15 seconds!

    Product Features:
    • Intestinal Health: 222 types of fruit and vegetables enzymes are carefully selected to assure quality to boost bowel movement for a healthy intestinal environment and increasing metabolism.
    • Sliming: Short-chain fatty acid in MCT Bulletproof formula increases metabolism, achieving weight loss through a balanced diet.
    • Convenient and Flavorful: Independent pack is travel-friendly. Rich in vanilla flavor, easily brew a cup with simple stirring for 15 seconds in water to go with meals or replacing breakfast.

    Ingredients :
    • 222 types of Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes: Boosting bowel movement and metabolism
    • Bulletproof Formula: Increasing metabolism

    How To Use :
    Pour one sachet into warm water and stir well before consuming. Once daily.