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  • Calories Control Enzyme 30 Tablets

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    Simply Calories Control Enzyme (30 Tablets)

    Formulated with Garcinia Cambogia extract, patented fruit and vegetable enzymes and kudzuvine flower extract, these tablets boosts metabolism, improve intestinal environment and providing feelings of fullness, helping to achieve weight loss target!

    Product Features:
    • Relieving Stomach Grease: Patented fruits and vegetables enzyme derived from 136 types of natural produce is easily absorbed to facilitate bowel movement and improving intestinal environment for boosted metabolism, relieving stomach grease 5 minutes after meal.
    • Fermented Superfood Complex: Different from other enzymes with short fermentation period, BraziZyme ferments with natural yeast found in Brazil farm for 6 months after second fermentation to stabilize and enhance its activity and power.
    • Sliming: Kudzuvine flower extract promotes internal metabolism and supplies fuel for burning fat, keeping body light. Famous sliming ingredient - garcinia cambogia extract provides feelings of fullness, enjoying all favourite food in moderation without burden.

    Ingredients :
    • Patented Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes: Boosting metabolism
    • Kudzuvine Flower Extract: Boosting metabolism and burning fat
    • Garcinia Cambogia Extract : Giving a feelings of fullness

    How To Use :
    Take 2 tablets with warm water after meal, once a day.