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  • Night Metabolism Enzyme 30 Tablets

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    Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme (30 Tablets)

    Certified by FG experts with honours, BraziZyme fermented from 80 types of produce boosts night time metabolism, assists digestion and sleep, balancing intestinal environment and tuning body!

    Product Features:
    • Quality Assured: 80 types of produce grown with pesticide-free farming are carefully selected from conservation area in Brazil, quality is guaranteed to promote bowel movement and improve intestinal environment, boosting metabolism.
    • Fermented Superfood Complex: Different from other enzymes with short fermentation period, BraziZyme ferments with natural yeast found in Brazil farm for 6 months after second fermentation to stabilize and enhance its activity and power.
    • Tuning Body: Amino complex, citrus extract, brewer’s yeast and chestnut peel extract help falling asleep and recharge for the following day. Patented probiotics maintains intestinal health, improving toilet habit and balancing nutrients.

    • BraziZyme: Boosting bowel movement, metabolism and improving intestinal environment
    • Amino Complex, Citrus Extract, Brewer Yeast and Chestnut Peel Extract: Sleep assist
    • Patented Probiotics : Maintaining intestinal health

    How To Use :
    Take 2 tablets with warm water before bed.