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  • UL.OS
  • Skin Wash 500ml

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    UL·OS Skin Wash (500ml)

    Otsuka Pharmaceutical has always focused on skin health, and UL·OS was born out of this unique perspective and approach. The skin wash of UL·OS forms delicate foam to cleanse body face and body completely to prevent sweat and odor.

    Product Features:
    • Thorough cleansing: it is effective to cleanse and kill bacteria, hence promoting odor-free and sweat-free experience. Its herbal scent is soothing and relaxing at the same time.
    • Rich foam: the dense and delicate foam is nourishing and easy to form and create a cushion to prevent over-scrubbing.
    • Gentle formula: free from artificial coloring, artificial fragrance and paraben, this skin wash is skin-friendly.

    • Effective Cleansing Agents: removing sweat and odor