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TEAZEN KOMBUCHA - Pineapple 10pcs

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Teazen Kombucha - Pineapple (5g X 10PC)

Korean favorite Kombucha! Also known as tea fungus, which is made from fermentation of tea and sugar, it is flavorsome and good for digestive health.

Product Features:
• Promoting digestive health: it is rich in 12 lactic acid bacteria and prebiotics, which are helpful in improving skin, detoxification and constipation.
• Low-calories: with no sugar, this individual packaging low-calorie drink contains 15 calories only and is sweet and sour, which is a perfect replacement for soft drinks and milk tea to prevent extra calorie intake.
• Supplement for imbalanced diet: it is suitable for people who take little vegetable and fruit and dine out often for the improvement for digestive system.

• Lactic Acid Bacteria, Prebiotics: promoting health of digestive system

How to use:
2-5 times a day. Mix with 250ml cold water and drink before or after meal.