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  • Water Luminous S.O.S Ampoule Vita Mask Plus 10pcs

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    JM Solution Water Luminous S.O.S Ampoule Vita Mask Plus (10PCS)

    Quench your skin’s thirst with “Vitamin water”! Enriched with 13 types of vitamin Complex while combing 5 types of hyaluronic acids, 4 types of peptides and Refresh Complex, this mask brightens and hydrates skin for a glowing look!

    Product Features:
    • Vitalizing: “Energy Reservoir” with 13 types of vitamin complex including vitamin C, panthenol, nicotinamide, etc. activates skin, boosting skin energy from multiple angles for a translucent and glowing complexion.
    • Hydrating: Gathering 5 types of hyaluronic acids to achieve satisfactory level of hydration, dry skin is left glowing and plumped in 15mins.
    • Firming: Patented Refresh Complex acts with 4 types of peptides to protect skin barrier and smooth rough skin, this mask creates refined and firm texture.
    • Firm application: Highly adhesive cuprammonium rayon facial mask is shaped to fit on skin tightly. The high density material locks in moisture without breaking or deforming for a fitting and comfortable experience.

    • 13 types of Vitamin Complex: Vitalizing and increasing translucency
    • 5 types of Hyaluronic Acids: Hydrating and retaining moisture
    • Refresh Complex, 4 types of Peptides : Protecting skin barrier and smoothing skin