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  • FINE Chlorella 1500 tablets

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    Fine Chlorella (1500 tablets)

    The alkaline chlorella is a pool of rich nutrients to maintain health and balance body acidity. With advanced wall breaking technology, this supplement is easy to absorb and helpful in detoxification, digestion, promoting health physically and mentally. There are 1500 tablets in this package.

    Product Features:
    • Rich in nutrients: chlorella is packed with rich nutrients, including proteins, amino acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals, which are crucial elements to promote body functions and maintain health.
    • Promoting detoxification: the structure of chlorophyll is similar to haemoglobin, which helps to facilitate blood cell production. Also it helps to support good bacteria in digestive system and hence a more effective detoxification.
    • Improving immunity: the cell wall of chlorella is rich in fibre to promote digestion. It also helps to improve body immunity.

    • Chlorella: detoxification and cell repair

    How to use:
    Three times a day. Take 5 tablets each time with warm water.