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  • DHC Melilot (60 Capsules)

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    DHC Melilot (60 Capsules)

    Shaping and sculpting ideal body figure with this supplement to detoxify and remove excess water from body, revealing the natural power from plants, such as Melilot Extract and Chili Pepper Extract.

    Product Features:
    ● Boosting body metabolism: enriched with chili pepper extract, the blood circulation and metabolism are boosted, which is helpful in detoxification and promoting better skin quality and elasticity.
    ● Reducing excess water: to help with the accumulation of water due to the lack of exercise, the ingredient Melilot is useful in promoting excretion of water from body.
    ● Shaping and sculpting: friendly to people who stand for long hours or with wrong postures.

    Ingredients :
    ● Melilot Extract Powder: reducing body excess water

    How to use:
    Consume 2 capsules a day with lukewarm water.