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Shiseido The Collagen Powder W 126g

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Shiseido The Collagen Powder W (126g)

Japanese's favorite! This collagen powder is fast-absorbing with its ultra-fine collagen power, in addition of the super fruit extracts, skin is firmed, lifted and more resilient!

Product Features:
• Supporting skin structure: enriched with 5000mg micro collagen, it is fast absorbing to fill up the skin structure and promote skin elasticity and firmness, revealing the beauty of youth.
• Beauty effects: with the beauty ingredients, such as bilberry and amla fruit, skin is protected against oxidation and becoming dewy and translucent.
• Low calories: each serving is just around 22 calories, which add no burden to your diet. It is tasteless, hence you can add in to any drink or food.

• Collagen 5,000mg: promoting elastic and firm skin
• Beauty Fruit Extracts (e.g. Strawberry Seed And Amla Fruit): anti-oxidant and improving skin complexion

How to use:
One spoon a day (around 6g), mix in food or drink to consume.