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RYO Loss Expert Care Shampoo For Anti-dandruff Scalp 400ml

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Ryo Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo For Anti-dandruff Scalp (400ml)

Giving you a refreshing and invigorating shampoo experience! RYO Hair Loss ExpertCare Shampoo can strengthen hair roots and relieve itchiness, emitting a fresh herbal fragrance!

Problem features:
• 3 steps to get rid of dandruff! Foam can tear off the dandruff membrane and remove dandruff effectively while moisturizing your scalp and maintaining a balanced scalp. It can create a refreshing finish on the scalp, reducing the appearance of dandruff.
• Cooling down your scalp in hot weather. Contains mint that can cool down your scalp. Enriched with Soothing itchiness Patented ingredient and precious herbal ingredients, it can replenish nutrients and moisturize your hair and scalp.
• Loveable herbal aroma is with layers. The top note is a refreshing herbal fragrance, the middle note is a comfortable chamomile fragrance; the base note is a rich amber fragrance.

• Mint: cooling down scalp
• Precious herbal ingredients: replenishing nutrients, moisturizing and nourishing
• Soothing itchiness Patented ingredient: soothing itchiness
• Ginsen9EXTM: moisturizing, strengthening hair, nourishing, hair protection against heat, reducing roughness, improving hair shine and elasticity

How to use:
Apply from roots to ends when hair is slightly damp, then massage gently. Rinse with water.

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