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  • Stretch-V Lifting Cheek Mask 6pcs

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    Soo Beauté Stretch-V Lifting Cheek Mask (16.5g x 6pcs)

    Hexapeptide, blue copper peptide and vitamin E ingredients can improve facial edema, make skin a firm and supple feeling, and brighten the skin tone. Coupled with elastic film, it is suitable for various face types.

    Product Features:
    ● Enriched with hexapeptide and blue copper peptides,it improves skin texture and makes skin more firmness.
    ● Formulated with Vitamin E,it boosts skin luster.
    ● Using trehalose with high moisturizing power and aloe vera leaf extract to give skin sufficient moisture for smooth, moisturizing and firming effects.

    Ingredients :
    ● Hexapeptide, blue copper peptide
    ● Vitamin E
    ● Trehalose and Aloe vera leaf extract