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  • SPF34PA++ Sun Defense Makeup Base 30g

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    Dermafrim+ SPF34PA++ Sun Defense Makeup Base (30g)

    A convenience product for lazy people, which brings six functions of isolation, anti-oxidation, moisturizing, brightening and sun protection. Contains plant extracts to moisturize and repair skin, The lavender paste removes skin yellowish and adds vitality every day!

    Product Features:
    • Moisturizing Repair: Contains bio-polysaccharide gel-4, blue chamomile, aloe vera and other plant extracts to instantly moisturize, calm and eliminate inflammation and repair skin barrier.
    • Mild nature: The ingredients are safe and mild, non-irritating, and sensitive skin are also suitable.
    • Smooth texture: The texture is smooth and can be quickly and evenly spread to create smooth complexion, brighten the skin tone, cover the redness, and can be used as a makeup cream.

    Ingredients :
    • Bio-polysaccharide gel-4: Forming a protective film
    • Blue Chamomile: Reduces redness and adjusts uneven skin tone
    • Aloe Vera: Nourishing
    • Betaine: Moisturizing
    • Allantoin: Protects irritated skin and improves rough skin

    How to use:
    After the basic skin care procedure, apply an appropriate amount to the face and then apply the makeup products.