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  • Moist Cream Cleanser 150ml

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    【LANEIGE Moist Cream Cleanser 150ml】

    Keeps the skin moisturized for long hours even after washing the face! Moist Cream Cleanser contains 14.9% highly moisturizing plant-derived oil, which can improve the skin's moisture and promote the absorption of follow-up skin care products, without any taut feeing after washing, prolonged moisturizing shine; Easy to layer viscous yet soft cloud foam, mildly cleansing dust, aging skin cell, residual make-up and other dirt, make the skin even and breathable, keep it supple and smooth for a long time, awaken natural vitality!

    Product Features:
    ● Gentle cleansing: Deep into pores, mildly cleaning dust, waste and old skin cell, residual makeup and other dirt, prevent taut feeling, restores natural glow.
    ● Moisturizing: Meadowfoam Seed Oil and sunflower seed oil can moisturize effectively and have excellent emollient function to provide nourishment to dry skin.
    ● Viscous yet soft cloud foam: The cleanser makes the skin feel elastic after washing the face with viscous yet soft foam compared to general foam.

    ● Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil: Excellent emollient function, provide moisture and nourishment to dry skin.

    How To Use:
    Dispense about 2cm of content onto your palm, fully lather with lukewarm water, and gently cleanse the face in a massaging motion..