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  • Deodorant Z Roll (SOAP) 40ml

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    Sweat Evaporation X Non-sweat-gland Blocking
    Redefines Sweating! Fresh, Clean & Odor-free for the Whole Day!

    - Revolutionary Japan R&D “Quick Dry Powder”:
    Aluminium salt-free, does not block pores and sweat glands, does not block the flow of sweat but evaporates sweat and keeps the skin dry and fresh

    - Endure-In-Sweat Anti-Bacterial Technology:
    Effectively eliminates the root cause of odor –
    1) Bacteria in sebum, and
    2) Bacteria in sweat, thus prevents odor even after heavy perspiration

    - Mild formula
    - Contains natural plant extract: Suitable for skin after shaving or waxing
    - 360 degrees roll-on design: Quick and convenient, especially suitable for the armpit