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  • Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam 120ml

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    Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam (120ml)

    Infused with natural sea water, this foam helps to thoroughly cleanse skin and detoxify for a dewy and resilient complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Skin improving: enriched with T.E.N. Geumjin Mineral Water, which is rich in minerals, this foam helps to replenish skin with nutrients.
    • Effectively cleansing: its dense and delicate foam helps to remove excessive oil, old dull skin cells and makeup residue completely.
    • Untightening: it is soothing and untightening after cleansing for a resilient and healthy complexion.

    • T.E.N. Geumjin Mineral Water: deeply moisturizing and skin texture improving
    • Thalasso Cleanse™: Deep moisturizing, detoxification, deep cleansing, removing grease and dirt
    • Palmate Kelp Extract: hydrating and oil balancing