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  • OLAY
  • Moisturizing Vitamin Treatment 50g

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    【Olay Moisturizing Vitamin Treatment 50g】

    Olay moisturizing vitamin treatment contains abundant of vitamin B3, vitamin E and water soluble green tea extract which can provide anti-oxidation protection and be rich of elasticity for your skin.

    It is bestseller in Olay that treatment your skin in different angles. You will solve seven skin potential issues and have a whole skin protection when you gain this moisturizing vitamin treatment at once. For example, smooth wrinkles, even out the skin tone, refines tone, restores firmness and moisturizes.

    Product Features:
    ● It is rich in vitamin that moisturizes dry skin and removes the wrinkles on your face. Olay Moisturizing Vitamin Treatment will make your skin tighter and younger.
    ● It provides anti-oxidation protection that can help you to get rid of impurities and boost your skin to look luster.
    ● Its tone makes skin fresh and feels not sticky that is suitable for every season. It can avoid your skin get greasy and make healthy skin tone like a baby.

    ● Vitamin B3:Anti-aging and soothing the skin ● Vitamin E: Provide anti-oxidation protection ● Water soluble green tea extract: Firming the skin

    How To Use:
    After daily cleansing and toning, apply a proper amount of treatment on your face and gently massage until it totally absorbed.