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    BABYISH precious mask can make your skin like baby, elastic and smooth moving! BABYISH mask won first prize in Cosme Awards of 2014, and formulation of anti-sensitive has been added in it to make sensitive skin comfortable. It can adjust skin to best state and make skin like baby elastic and fresh.

    Q10 is a kind of antioxidants in human body, and it is the key ingredient to promote skin elasticity and firmness. Super small molecules of Q10 are rich in BABYISH precious mask, which can quickly replenish collagen and cellulose, and renew the elasticity of skin. Tight skin can make you more spirit and younger.

    Product Features:
    • Tighten your skin: Q10 molecules are rich in BABYISH precious mask, which can quickly replenish collagen and cellulose, resistant oxidation, stave the skin getting old and tighten your skin.
    • Nourish and care: skin is nourished and cared by daily nursing. And the state of skin can be perfect day after day.

    • Q10 molecule: antioxidant, and it can stop the attack from free radical to skin. And it has the efficacy of slowing down skin aging and tightening the skin.
    • Amino acid: the smallest molecular structure of protein, absorbed by skin easily, and it has the efficacy of reinforcing chitin, making skin have the capability in keeping humidity itself.
    • Glycerinum: moisturizing ingredients of small molecule. It has the efficacy of preserving moisture and softening skin. One gram of Glycerin can Carrie 0.6g water.

    How to use:
    1. After cleaning, take the mask and place it on your face. Keep it for 5-10 min.
    2.Take follow-up facial without washing again.
    3. It is available before makeup, making skin hydrating quickly.