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  • Queen's Premium Mask (Super Sensitive) 4pcs

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    Quality First Queen's Premium Mask (Super Sensitive) (35mlx4)
    Skincare treatment for sensitive skin. Blending rich ceramide and 11 amino acids, this mask is highly nourishing and hydrating in just a short period of time. Skin barrier is strengthened. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

    Product Features:
    ● Hydrating and strengthening: infused amino acid and ceramide, it helps to strengthen skin barrier, refine your skin and keep balance.
    ● Thoughtful design: formulated with thick and absorbent mask, in addition of abundant essence (35ml) per mask, this mask allows firm and comfortable application for effective nourishment.

    ● Amino Acid and Ceramide: hydrating and soothing
    ● Collagen: increasing elasticity

    How to Use:
    After cleansing, apply the mask for 15-20 minutes.