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  • Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum 30ml

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    Clarins Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum (30ml)
    A light-weight brightening serum that formulated with Acerola fruit extract can effectively improve skin tone by preventing the growth of melanin and the formation of black spots. Skin becomes brighter and healthier.

    Multiple Effects:
     Skin Brightening: Enriched with Acerola fruit extract, it helps skin reduces dark spot for a flawless bright skin.
     Energize Skin: With the Acerola seed extract, it reduces tiredness and provide vitality to skin.
     Enhance Skin Elasticity: Featured with the Lady’s mantle, it can refine skin texture, diminish fine lines and improves skin elasticity.

    Ingredients :
     Acerola fruit extract: Reduce the overproduction of melanin  Acerola seed extract: Contributes to good oxygenation of the skin  Red sandspurry extract: Against dark spots  Lady’s mantle: Astringent powers

    How to use :
    After toning face, apply appropriate amounts onto the face.